Sea air and snake meat

This is the words *drawing of a thinking face* of Roque “the kur” de la Costa.

I might be alive, hmm if you find this at a tavern outhouse give it to the person at the bar. I might come back.

But if I am dead, bartender, put this back in the outhouse *doodle of an outhouse and and arrow pointing to the book hanging on a string inside*

‘Nyway, when I got ‘self to this port I found myself without much in mah pocket and less in my stomach. I guess I needed either a ship or a job and heck jobbing, Imma pirate. I yelled in the tavern about needing a ship and got my lights knocked out and told to shut my yap.

I woke up sometime later on a sloot with two pirates. One paid my bill and the other had a sore hand, not sure what that was about. The one who paid my bill seems to be the captain, still don’t know how to pronounce their name and the other goes by Rin. Still figuring them out but seem good nuff to sail with, Rin seems to have a thing for launching people with the cannons so I’ll be sleeping with an eye open for awhile with that one.

Will se how it goes. I gotta go eat some snake meat I made, it looks cooked enough.

It wasn’t.






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